Hi friends! I’ve always loved doors! In my life, they represent fresh opportunities, adventures, pointers, lessons, revelations, celebrations, and more.

In our WP community, opening doors translates into a renewed appreciation for our beloved fellow bloggers and their deeply cherished blogs.

Through my Doors Series, I aim to give our fellow bloggers the gift of sharing a piece of their world. I invite them to guest post on my blog and share their message, their story, their heart. I also encourage them to show how our blogs and worlds link together in love.

After all, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE.️❤️

Today, we happily knock on the door of a dear fellow blogger:

Sheree of View from the Back ❤️

I’ve never written for a blog other than my own. I typically write about what interests me. Mine is a light-hearted blog, intended to amuse and delight. It’s rare I ever touch on weighter matters and this is largely because I lead a wonderful life. It rarely rains on my parade. And, if it does, it’s never for very long.

Yeka asked me to write about LOVE and I’m conscious that there’s many types of love.

Should I talk about the love between a long-married couple?

Maybe I should talk about the love between friends?

Or what about that between a parent and child?

Finally, Yeka herself provided the spark of inspiration when she commented on one of my recipes.

Yes, I’m going to talk about cupboard love. A love rarely referred to in all the literature. Let me explain further.

My parents were in the food trade and, while I didn’t appreciate it at the time, we consequently ate rather well. My mother was happy to spread our bounty around and our house was always open. It wasn’t unheard of me to turn up with numerous friends in tow for a meal or just a snack. It never fazed my mother. “Never knowingly undercatered” was her leitmotif. Needless to say she was very popular with all my friends. I should add at this point, she was an excellent cook.

During my school days when we went on school trips, everyone always saved a seat for me on the prized back row. Not because they wanted to sit with me but because they hoped to profit from my abundent packed lunch. Yes, my mother would send me off on these trips with enough food for half the coach. I was sensible enough to realise that it was just cupboard love.

Unsurprisingly, invitations to my parent’s parties were much prized thanks to the excellence of my mother’s cooking.Those invitations were often not reciprocated using the excuse that there was no way to compete with my mother. She used to point out that it wasn’t a competition and not having to prepare a meal and clear up afterwards would be sufficient reward for her. This largely fell on deaf ears. I now know how she felt!

I’m well-known on the Cote d’Azur for the cakes I used to make for my former cycling club’s events. My husband’s current cycling club is desperate for me to join and continue the tradition. I’m sure I shall at some point to avoid to losing my notoriety meanwhile there are plenty of riders (and their teams’ support staff) who’d be happy to attest to the excellence of my baked goodies.

Thanks so much for opening your door to us, dear Sheree! ❤️

You have showcased the finest ingredients of a happy, loving home with a happy, abundant open invitation to all. You have shown what love, passion, and generosity translate into. More than having your home filled with happy tummies, you’ve been blessed with a home filled with such happy hearts that beat to the best ingredient in this world: LOVE!

May your home continue to overflow with such awesome abundance that blesses the world so many times over!

So friends, thanks for dropping by!

Do give Sheree a special knock on View from the Back.❤️

Till our next run of Doors, I wish everyone many happy, love-filled days ahead!

And here’s looking forward to opening more Doors with you! ❤️