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Hi friends! I’ve always loved doors! In my life, they represent fresh opportunities, adventures, pointers, lessons, revelations, celebrations, and more.

In our WP community, opening doors translates into a renewed appreciation for our beloved fellow bloggers and their deeply cherished blogs. 

Through my Doors Series, I aim to give our fellow bloggers the gift of sharing a piece of their world. I invite them to guest post on my blog and share their message, their story, their heart. I also encourage them to show how our blogs and worlds link together in love.

After all, IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE. 

Today, we happily knock on the door of our dear fellow blogger

Margaret and Neal from Wandering Together

Thank you, Yeka for inviting us to do a guest post on your wonderful blog! 

By way of introduction, we’re Margaret and Neal, proud owners of the blog Wandering Together.  We’re a Denver-based engaged couple set to be married in the next couple months, and we started Wandering Together to document our travels and experiences.  In this digital age, it’s easy to let things pass, as no more than a moment in time, or to forget all the people and experiences we should be grateful for.  Through Wandering Together, we’ve made two promises to each other.  First, we’ve promised not to let our most special memories be pushed to the back of our minds by the distractions of daily living.  Second, we’ve promised to always seek out adventures with each other, and not become complacent in our lives together.  

Through this journey, we’ve learned many important lessons about ourselves as individuals and as a couple.  In keeping true to Yeka’s love of love, and in our love of and dedication to each other, we’d like to share a few of those with you.

Lesson 1 – The sun rises and welcomes a new day no matter where you are.  Sometimes it welcomes you in a beautiful location where you’ve longed to be (such as Tulum, Mexico where we took this picture), and other times it welcomes you under less than desirable circumstances.  Either way, each new day is a new opportunity to show love to yourself and love to others.  Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Lesson 2 – Sometimes life puts mountains in your way.  Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to seek the support and guidance of another makes the climb so much easier.  After all, the view from the top is always the best one!

Lesson 3 – Don’t let the small things get in the way of the big picture.  Neal and jetlag are a bad combination.  Fatigue and hunger make Margaret hangry.  In the big scheme of things, our times of being lesser than our best selves are brief, while our times of being grateful, happy, funny, and loving human beings are predominant and long lasting.  How is that possible?  By recognizing in each other that, even in our times of weakness, at our cores we’re always the best versions of ourselves.

We so appreciate this opportunity to share a little piece of ourselves.  If you feel like following along, check out our Word Press blog, Wandering Together.  While our blog is travel and lifestyle focused, we hope to always demonstrate that it’s the person (or people) you’re with that matter most. 

Thanks so much for opening your doors to us, dear Margaret and Neal!

Your love and dedication to each other are unparalleled! You inspire us to celebrate special moments and keep them treasured in our hearts forever. You inspire us to stay grateful in our everyday living too.

Life is truly a journey. We value your abundance in sharing your powerful lessons of hope and inspiration.

Our sweet wish is that your journey will lead you to even more awesome travels and adventures TWOgether in LOVE!

So friends, thanks for dropping by!

Do give Margaret and Neal a special knock on Wandering Together! ❤️

Till our next run of Doors, I wish everyone many happy, love-filled days ahead.

And here’s looking forward to opening more doors with you! ❤️